Things you can do with your escort in Chester

23 Apr , 2020

Chester is a bustling small city with great historical value and a place to live offering a high quality of life. So much so quite a few companies in the financial services sector have located there. So it is not just tourism and the service sector thriving in Cheshire’s county town. Because of the nature of the place it is very popular for ladies wanting to come to be Chester escorts. Not only do they tend to get a high quality of clientele it is a beautiful place to live. Gentlemen in the city for leisure or recreational purposes as well as those working in the locality could do a lot worse than dedicate a day to stroll around and explore the place with a Chester escort. For one thing she has local knowledge and secondly she has the cheerfulness to brighten up even the dullest day. There are many things worth seeing in such a small radius.

Walk the city walls with a Chester escort

Chester is one of the few places that have a preserved Medieval wall ringing the city. Having a stroll round it is a fantastic way of having an elevated view of the city and looking out away from it you get a vista of the surrounding area including the race course and the river Dee. From this great vantage point you and your Chester escort can pinpoint places of interest such as the main thoroughfares and Cathedral.

Things to see within the confines of the city walls with your escort in Chester

One of the main attractions is definitely the Cathedral which has been the seat of the Bishop of Chester since 1541. The interior is magnificent and features some spectacular stain glass windows. The exterior boasts some extensive grounds and nature gardens where Falconry is practiced. The area of the city of perhaps greatest interest to your Chester companion are the wonderful independent shops and boutiques. Many of them are housed in the Rows which are continuous two storied timbered structures, some dating back the thirteenth Century and cover parts of Watergate, Eastgate street and Bridge street. This is a great place to explore and possibly indulge in buying your companion a token gift. It is in these areas of the centre where you find Olde pubs, interesting tea shops and bistros to get a snack and refreshments

Explore the Roman element with your Chester companion

There was a Roman fort and settlement and you can still see the remains of the Amphitheatre. There is also the interesting Dewa Roman experience with artefacts and a hands on element to enjoy. On the same theme there is the Grosvenor Roman museum. Back in the main street of Eastgate the clock tower is a prominent attraction and landmark, which stands on the spot where original entrance to the Roman fortress was. There are many more places to explore with your Chester escort including Canal and river walks where you can get to know each other in a picturesque setting.