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Tips for female escorts to stay safe in the streets

Author : Playmate    Date : August 29, 2018

Walking late nights or going home later than what you expected is hard, especially when you are doing it alone. Without the help of someone around you, it is easy for you to get robbed or mugged in the streets. There are worse case scenarios as well.

No matter where you are, which country you live or whichever city you are in, there is always a chance that you are unsafe. Be it broad daylight or late at night, nobody, men or women, is safe. Safety should be everyone’s top priority.

Inmany cases that you hear every day, you may feel that you are not safe even if you are well equipped to keep yourself safe, then you are quite wrong. As female escorts, as women, as men, as teenagers, there is something that everyone can do to protect themselves from danger on the streets, and here is how:

Pepper Spray: Let’s start off with basic things first. Pepper spray is one object that you need to keep with yourself at all points of time. Whether you live in a small town or you live in a city such as London, you’d need to keep this close by. There is nothing better than spraying this in the eyes of whoever attacks you and taking off.

A protective Knife:Not that you’d need to slash someone off with your knife, but it is always good to have protection right? For self-defence always keep a pretty sharp knife with yourself. This will help you scare off the person who attacks you and when push comes to shove you can protect yourself.
Despite the fact that knives are dangerous, a small knife for self-defence should work for you. Make sure that you always keep it sharp in order to avoid unnecessary surprises in time of actual need.

Avoiding certain things: Now this gets a bit tricky. Although it is very sure that you cannot know which things to do exactly, there are certain things that can be avoided to keep you safe. Here is a list of things that you could avoid:

  • First off, avoid going to secluded places. In areas or streets where you can hardly spot someone, you’d be in trouble should someone attack you. Not only will it be hard for you to avoid the attack and run, but you won’t be able to find any person who’d be willing to help you.
  • Avoid going out alone during the times you know you’d find empty streets. Empty streets are the number cause of attacks, robberies and much more.
  • Another thing that you can avoid is going out with a group of complete strangers. This may sound weird to you, but your friends are more likely to help you than strangers.

Things to Avoid if you are an escort: With many things to worry about, female escorts do end up having a much harder time than their male counterparts,and there is a solid reason for that. Women are not that physically strong as men to ward off the troubles that come their way. Although all of the above-mentioned  points apply to everyone, here are some specific points for escorts to take care of:

  • Always keep an eye out for creeps. You never know when someone decides to follow you. Remember to be vigilant and always take busy roads back home.
  • Alter your appearance if you think someone is following you. Altering your appearance will help you find an amazing way to get rid of the people who are following you around.
  • Remember not to get personal with your clients. Be friendly but not overly friendly or rude; this will help you avoid unnecessary complications for the future.
  • Furthermore, keep in mind that you’d need to take care of who you talk to and who knows which direction you are headed towards. You’ll need to be extra careful.

Although you may find that protecting yourself is useless, there is a high chance that taking precautions will keep you quite safe. However, whenever you come across some problem or an attack, or you attack someone in self-defence, find the local police and report the incident in as many details as possible.